Norfrost by Ebac 84 Litre Chest Freezer - White

Brand New!

Product Features:

  • Fits neatly into an appliance gap
  • Storage Capacity: 84 litres
  • Suitable for Garages & Outbuildings
  • Fast Freeze 24/48/72hrs - Fresher foor for longer
  • 24 hour food safe protection
  • Variable temperature control
  • 1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

Product Code: AF22WH-GB
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Product Overview:

The perfect standard size

Replacing an existing freezer can be a headache. You've got to make sure the space left behind by your old appliance is big enough for your new one.

Features for your life

Everyone loves home cooked food, but with busy lifestyles it's not always possible. At Norfrost by Ebac we understand the way people live so we've made sure we kept Fast Freeze in our chest freezers so you can have nutritious home cooked food, fast. 

Kitchen, garage, under-the-stairs...anywhere

Norfrost by Ebac's 84 litre Chest Freezer is perfect for homes where space is to a minimum but still has plenty of hungry mouths to feed.It's external footprint of just 56cm by 60cm means it'll fit anywhere, from the kitchen to the garage or even a conservatory. Have the confidence to place your Norfrost in a garage or conservatory with Norfrost's Temperature Guard. Whether it's extreme heat or extreme cold, it'll still keep your food frozen.

Style & energy conscious

Norfrost by Ebac Chest Freezers are uniquely designed so they look great in any environment. Whether you place it in your designer kitchen or out of the way in the garage, it's sure to blend in no matter what. With an efficient A+ energy rating, our chest freezers have low running costs, saving you more money on your utility bills. 

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